Research Marketing & Data Science : the foundation of any powerful Marketing and Sales transformation

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Research Marketing & Data Science : the foundation of any powerful Marketing and Sales transformation

A small recombinant protein CDMO leverages research marketing insights and data science to build a powerful Marketing Strategy boosting their Sales effectiveness and driving profitable growth.

Our client wanted to redesign its marketing strategy as it was suffering from a growing competition and rising customers' expectations. They came to us to develop and implement an efficient Marketing machinery that could boost their number of qualified leads and create value for their company.

Every marketing mission relies on a Research Marketing phase consisting in transforming large amount of data on the company and its environment into strategic business insights. The objective is to find out about a company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to build competitive advantage and give the right orientation and impact to the marketing strategies.

That's what Larka did for its client in a 10 weeks' timeframe. We performed a diagnostic of our client's environment - Market trends & dynamics, Addressable market value, Clients environment & Key purchasing criteria and Competitive environment - in order to find out about its opportunities and threats. Simultaneously, we made a diagnostic of the company itself - Desired & actual positioning, Brand awareness, Pricing positioning and Performances - to know all about its strengths and weaknesses.

We collected all the relevant information on our client's market environment from our proprietary business intelligence platform and through interviews with key opinion leaders of the industry. Our 25+ years' experience of the biopharma industry and our skilled data scientists make us very efficient to reveal growth opportunities and identify potential threats. We notably uncovered the opportunity for our client to leverage one of its existing technology to address a booming market and expand its services' portfolio.

To assess the company itself, we organized interviews and analyzed feedbacks from the employees, clients and prospects. This way, we identified the strengths on which the marketing message should focus and the weaknesses our client should work on to improve customer experience. We also collected the data that could later on help us work on the brand positioning and perception.

Crossing the data coming from the environment analysis with the data coming from the company diagnostic, we pointed out some levers to pull in order to give the best orientation to the marketing strategy and outperform competitors. For instance, crossed with clients' and prospects' Key Purchasing Criteria, the company's strengths can be leveraged way more effectively in the brand development and inbound marketing to create competitive advantage. Crossing the competitive environment analysis for each service with the company's performance and positioning, pricing can be adjusted to create more value.

Indeed, Research Marketing is a non-negotiable foundation of Strategic Marketing and allows to make aware strategic decisions based on large data analyses and meaningful insights on the company, its market, its competitors and its clients.

Thanks to the research marketing work performed beforehand, we were able define the most interesting positioning, create a great brand, define powerful inbound marketing strategy, set the right price, provide impeccable customer experience and bring excellence to the sales organization of our client.