Case Studies

case studie Outsourcing-Strategy

Outsourcing Strategy for successful drug development and manufacturing

A small biotech company entering clinical phase secures the path for its lead gene therapy candidate's by designing a well-thought and value creating outsourcing strategy.

case studie sourcing external supply

Value-creating sourcing process for Biotech and Big pharma

Larka is handling around 100 sourcing and external supply projects per year to help biotech and Big Pharma companies select optimal economical, technical and value-creating solutions across the whole value chain.

case studie operational excellence

Creating value while reducing financial investments with Operational Excellence

A bio-CDMO implements Operational Excellence and improves its efficiency in manufacturing and analytical operations, leading to CapEx needs reduction and margins improvements.

case studie price strategy

Value-based price strategy for better outcomes

A mid-size gene therapy CDMO boosts its bottom line and stay ahead of the competition by implementing a smart price strategy based on the value created for customers.

case studie research marketing data science

Research Marketing & Data Science : the foundation of any powerful Marketing and Sales transformation

A small recombinant protein CDMO leverages research marketing insights and data science to build a powerful Marketing Strategy boosting their Sales effectiveness and driving profitable growth.

case studie inbound marketing digital strategy

Inbound marketing and digital strategy for an effective Marketing & Sales machinery.

A small CDMO in biologics' early development improves its customers' experience and increases its sales performance by implementing well-designed Inbound Marketing and Digital Strategy in its operations.

case studie brand strategy

Building an iconic brand in the bio CDMO industry

A mid-size CDMO in recombinant proteins and gene therapies stands out from its competitors and wins clients and talents by developing a distinctive and compelling brand.

case studie Portfolio strategy

Dynamic Portfolio Strategy and Capital Allocation for higher shareholder returns

An industrial player in the biopharma market with multiple businesses maximizes its returns by rethinking and implementing an optimal portfolio strategy.

case studie organizational design

Delivering the promised value of a merger with a thoughtful organizational redesign

A big industrial player of the biopharma industry acquires an equipment supplier and develops the right organizational design to capture the value promised to investors and employees.

case studie strategic planning

Transforming bureaucratic Strategic Planning into a powerful competitive weapon

A bioprocess equipment supplier transforms its annual strategy review into an agile process fostering creative thinking and giving strategic planning a more valuable role in the development and execution of the business strategies.

case studie integrated due diligence

360-degree diligence process to spotlight all value-creation levers

Thanks to our Integrated Due Diligence solution - combining Commercial, Technical and Operational Due Diligences -, a Private Equity firm gets a full appreciation of the capabilities, synergies and risks involved and a full-potential vision for the business.

case studie growth and acquisition

Driving growth through value creating acquisition blueprint in the bio-CDMO industry

An industrial player partners with an investment firm to build a new CDMO in the gene therapy and recombinant protein field through multiple acquisitions.

case studie divestment

Divesting an asset to create value

Thanks to a well-thought divestment process plan, a Big Pharma company makes a successful business unit separation and creates value for its portfolio of assets.