Your professional fulfilment matters to us, so does your personal well-being. They both participate to your daily happiness and are equally important to maintain a healthy balance.

Luckily, we are located in Nice. Being happy is easy. You will be surrounded with beautiful landscapes and unexpected combinations of activities within easy reach - hiking in the morning and diving in the afternoon !

Read about your future lifestyle below and you will be impatient to live here.

Life at Larka

We are definitely hard workers but always in a very human and warm atmosphere. You will never feel lonely here, because people around you are more than simple colleagues.

Be ready to spend quite some time with us, in formal and more casual ways with long conversations and laughs over lunch, afterwork drinks and get togethers.


Larka is located at the heart of Nice's historic center where restaurants, bars and other places to get together abound. Nice is notably a food paradise with a strong Italian influence and an uncountable number of restaurants that will charm your stomach.

Choosing might be the hardest part!


You like to swim, dive, walk costal paths or just chill on the beach and contemplate the sea ? Nice and its surroundings are made for you. We see our employees' growth and Larka's as one unique flourishing tree.

Larka is located 300 meters away from the beach, so if you dreamed about an afterwork swim, it could come true!


You are not into water activities ? That's not an issue, the mountains are one hour drive away and will satisfy your need for adventure all year round.

From hiking to skiing, there is nothing you cannot do in Nice!


Diving, hiking and eating on a terrace are way less fun with a cloudy weather. Fortunately, in Nice, the sun escorts you 300 days a year. No need to check the weather before planning an outdoor activity, the sun is always by your side boosting your energy level to the maximum.

Vacation spirit

Even though the workload can be important in consulting, Nice offers a perpetual vacation atmosphere that alleviates stress and makes life easier. This idyllic environment will help you face daily challenges with energy and dynamism.

Nice and Larka are waiting for you!