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Lenstrat® delivers technical, financial and business data, news and analytics through innovative technologies and gives decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to accurate information and insights on the Biotech & Pharma industry.

Lenstrat® allows to access, integrate and leverage compelling data and information across organizations more effectively, turning analytics into actions, decisions into success.

Lenstrat® is the most exhaustive and innovative business intelligence platform in the Biotech & Pharma industry.


Innovative Technologies

Established in 2001, Lenstrat® is integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data processing and delivers tools and automated workflows that help Pharma & Biotech industry leaders point-out relevant information and quickly act on it.

Supply chain coverage

Lenstrat® covers the whole Pharma & Biotech supply chain, provides insights on any sites - Pharma and Biopharma - and contract services providers involved in drug substance and drug product development and manufacturing, including all modalities - small molecules, biologics or ATMP such as cell & gene therapies - and all dosage forms - from solid forms to sterile forms and injectables.

Value chain coverage

Lenstrat® delivers accurate information across the whole value chain, from preclinical work to drug commercial supply, and monitors over 5,000 biotech companies and 15,000 clinical drug candidates.

Global coverage

Lenstrat® is active everywhere in the world and screens over 5,000 R&D and manufacturing sites globally - including Pharma and Biopharma sites, as well as CROs, CDMOs, CMOs' sites.

Proprietary benchmark

Lenstrat® provides Biotech and Pharma companies, Private Equity firms and Contract Services Providers and suppliers with proprietary benchmarks on drugs R&D and manufacturing sites performances. It gives Biopharma leaders a critical edge by connecting them to a dynamic platform of information and ideas on key dimensions such as costs, technological innovation, OEE and capacity utilization, technical and commercial organizations, quality and regulatory, CapEx investments and M&A activity.

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