6 reasons for joining us

six reasons

You came all this way because you find our universe attractive, but you are now wondering : How is it like to be at Larka?

You already understood that Larka evolves in the very competitive field of management consulting, requiring to stretch the limits at all times.

However you will soon realize that Larka is more than a consulting firm : it is a home and a safe place for spirits to bloom.

Let us give you a flavour of Larka!

At Larka you will be…


Larka cultivates symbiotic relationships with its employees.

Your well-being and fulfilment are our top priority as we believe it is the best weapon of success.

We are committed to give you the ideal work environment for you to blossom.


Larka is a listening and safe place where everybody's standpoints are valued.

We treasure the singularity of people and believe that all of our employees have a lot to bring to the team.

We consider that great ideas come from free minds and we are ready to listen to yours.


Larka is eager to empower its employees by giving them the trust and space they need to exploit their talents. We count on you to play a leading role in Larka's development through your ideas and personality.

We see our employees' growth and Larka's as one unique flourishing tree.


Larka will help you become a leading expert of the biotech and pharma industry. A few months at Larka is worth years of scientific and business education.

Our special training program for new comers and our devoted team will help you reach excellence in a twinkling of an eye.


Larka offers the perfect work environment to release your full potential and achieve things you had not even foreseen. With us you will exceed your own goals, unlock unexpected competences and give a new horizon to your career.

One of us

Larka's team will challenge you, support you and help you become who you want. You will be surrounded by passionate people with remarkable human values. As a newcomer you will instantly feel our team spirit and embrace it. All you need to do is to apply for an interview.

Are you already picturing yourself with us? It means there is room for you here.