Tips & Tricks


At Larka, we put a lot of effort and time in recruitment as we see our current and future employees as the drivers of our company's success.

We organize several interview rounds with the objective to get to know you, identify your strengths and find out how we could mutually create value for each other.

We are sure you have all it takes to pass our interviews but some tips & tricks are always welcome, right?

Be authentic

Nothing is more important for us than getting to know you as a person. We want to know about your personality and human values, without artifice, because we are convinced that's the major compound of a good collaboration recipe.

Of course, this is both ways, you probably want to know more about your future employers, collaborators and working environment. That's why we like to organize face to face interviews in our offices.

Surround yourself with the right people and you can achieve anything. That's our philosophy.

Be ready

Being yourself is great but you still need to come prepared. Show us your interest by doing some research on our company and our industry. Be ready to use your deductive and problem-solving skills which are the best weapons of a bright consultant. It goes without saying that your English should also be operational.

We know you have talent but even brilliant people need a bit of training.

Be rigorous

Together with our expertise, our rigor has always been praised by our clients and is part of our trademark. We expect from all of our employees to carry on with the same accuracy and conscientiousness.

Perfection lies in the details, so be meticulous.

Be creative

We need creative and agile spirits to address the challenges we face on a daily basis and to present our solutions in the most graphic and striking way.

Give a good shape to your ideas and you will leave your mark on people's mind.

Be calm

We know interviews can be stressful, we have been in your shoes. You can trust us to be thoughtful and empathic as always. If you have been selected for an interview, it means your application drawn our attention: so be confident, relaxed and true to yourself.

We know you have that in you. Now, it is time for you to apply!