Olivier Dumortier PhD Appointed as Business Development Manager

Meet Larka’s Business Development Team New Asset!



Prior to joining Larka’s Analysts team two years ago, Olivier did a PhD thesis in Belgium - exploring numerous models of metabolic disease - then worked on non-coding RNA and regulation of cell metabolism and physiology in Canada and France for over a decade.


What does Olivier bring to our Business Development team?


Olivier’s valuable on field experience coupled with his extensive knowledge of Biotech and Pharma players' needs - gained through 50+ Tech Ops & Outsourcing projects performed with our Analysts team – have made him the perfect asset to build even stronger partnerships between Larka and industry players in the future.


As Biotech and Pharma companies progress in a fast evolving environment, I am driven by the urgency to find comprehensive solutions that match their needs and expectations." 

Olivier Dumortier


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