Vendor Due Diligence for Afinum and SHS | evitria

Larka is very pleased to announce that it’s M&A Unit performed the Vendor Commercial Due-Diligence to support Afinum’s exit process of evitria, a global leading service provider specialized in transient antibody expression. As a result of this successful transaction, Afinum - and co-investor SHS Capital - has sold its stake in evitria to Atlas Antibodies.



Pierre-Anthony Brioir, Director at Larka, stated:

"We are proud to have supported Afinum, SHS and evitria into this successful sale process. Afinum and SHS have built together with evitria's management a global leader in transient CHO cell antibody expression within a short period of time and it’s been rewarding to have interactions with such sharp and experienced people all along the process. I’m convinced evitria's strong positioning and very successful growth path will continue to accelerate in the future, especially in conjunction with the new owner Atlas Antibodies."


"After a successful holding period for Afinum, we are glad to complete our journey with evitria in the best possible way, for us, and for every stakeholder. We have been highly impressed with Larka's antibody field expertise and the quality of the work they have delivered within very challenging timelines. Thank you to Larka’s M&A team for their support and ability to demonstrate evitria’s full potential throughout this process."

Philipp Schülin, Senior Partner at Afinum


Christian Eberle, CEO at evitria, stated:

"It has been a true pleasure to collaborate with Larka on this process, and I would definitely recommend working with them. What really stands out for me is their ability to combine science with business expertise within a complex niche market like transient antibody expression. Coupled with their data-driven methodologies and broad network of market-specific decision-makers, they’ve been able to form a consistent story of evitria within a really short timeframe."


evitria Acquisition Press Release


Atlas Antibodies has agreed to acquire evitria, a world leader in transient recombinant antibody expression in CHO cells. This transformative acquisition brings together a leading provider of highly validated research antibodies and a front-runner in the field of custom recombinant antibody expression.

Since its inception in 2010, evitria has been singularly focused on transient expression of recombinant antibodies in CHO cells. This long-standing and deep focus allows the company to deliver antibodies of exceptional quality with outstanding service levels with respect to turnaround time and material quantity. With a track record of more than 75,000 transfections performed and more than 12,000 antibody-based molecules purified, evitria is a trusted partner for full outsourcing of antibody production for research purposes, to manage capacity bottlenecks, or to pursue single projects.


About Larka

Larka is a management consulting firm, exclusively dedicated to the Biotech and Pharma industry. We assist all players that are somehow involved technically, commercially or financially into drug discovery, development and manufacturing, such as Biotech & Pharma companies, Contract Services Organizations, Equipment or Raw Materials Suppliers, Private Equity firms, Investment Banks or Public Institutions.

Covering Technical, Operational, Commercial and Strategic activities, Larka has developed a unique combination of expertise – including TechOps, CMC & Outsourcing, Operational & Commercial excellence, Marketing & Sales, Corporate Strategy and M&A - giving Larka’s clients a full appreciation of their capabilities and a 360° view, full-potential vision, on the industry’s opportunities, synergies and risks.

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About Afinum

Afinum is an independent investment firm with offices in Munich, Zurich and Hongkong, with a focus on majority investments in successful mid-sized companies and succession situations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Afinum takes on a sustainable approach to value creation and partners with management teams to pursue ambitious organic and inorganic growth strategies.

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About evitria

Founded in 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland, evitria is an expert provider of antibody expression services, with clients ranging from academic laboratories and small biotech start-ups to global biopharmaceutical companies. evitria is deeply specialized in CHO-based transient expression of antibodies, including bispecific and fusion antibodies

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About Atlas Antibodies

Atlas Antibodies is a leading, global developer of advanced reagents for biomedical research. The company originates from the Human Protein Atlas project and was founded in 2006 by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University. Atlas Antibodies is based in Stockholm, and is majority owned by Patricia Industries, a part of Investor AB.

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About SHS Capital

SHS Capital, founded in 1993 and located in Tübingen, Germany, is a dedicated healthcare investment fund. Following the slogan "Building European Healthcare Champions", the focus of its investments is on expansion financing, shareholder changes and succession situations in the healthcare industry. In doing so, SHS takes both minority and majority stakes. SHS is currently investing from its fifth fund, which was launched in 2018.

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