CMO Sourcing Process for Juvisé Pharmaceuticals

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals leveraged Larka’s Lensource® solution for the identification, assessment and selection of a Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) partner to supply one of its commercial products.


We are delighted to announce Larka has provided Juvisé Pharmaceuticals with its Lensource® solution—a proprietary sourcing process including 360° suppliers scanning and RFI | RFQ comparison matrixes—which led to the selection of its new Drug Product (DP) CMO partner. 

This sourcing process is the 40th project undertaken by Larka this year—underlining our ability to effectively spot the right-fit outsourcing partners for Biotech & Pharma companies. 



Why they chose us           


Juvisé, a world-leading French specialty pharmaceutical company, appointed Larka to leverage Lensource® and enhance the selection of their future outsourced manufacturing partner—by performing a 99% exhaustive CMO sourcing process within 8 weeks. 

Since 1993, over 500 Biotech and Pharma companies like Juvisé have trusted our broad pharma sourcing capabilities and strong track record, which include: 



How we supported Juvisé Pharmaceuticals


Larka leveraged Lensource®, a 3-phase proprietary methodology combining the unique expertise of our Pharma outsourcing specialists with advanced AI technologies—designed to provide our clients with actionable insights at a faster pace and deeper level. 

Phase I - Market Scanning

360° screening & identification based on Juvisé’s primary search criteria, offering a complete view of all the potential manufacturing partners. 

Phase II - Capabilities Assessment | RFI 

Thorough technical capabilities assessment of all the potential CMO partners identified during Phase I—followed with a shortlist generation. 

Phase III - Quotations Assessment | RFQ

Assessment of the proposal and quotations provided by the shortlisted players—leading to the generation of our Lensource® matrix, developed for optimal pricing collection, standardization and comparability. 


Find the best outsourced partners to advance your program | Learn more about Lensource® 


As an outcome of the Lensource® solution, Juvisé was able to select the best economical, technological and value-creating manufacturing partner based on its specific requirements—which in this case included: 



About our client | Juvisé Pharmaceutical 

Juvisé is a French specialty pharmaceutical company specialised in manufacturing, distributing and commercialising its own branded products in 80 countries—addressing various therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiology and neurology-psychiatry. 


About Larka 

Larka is a management consulting firm, exclusively dedicated to the Biotech and Pharma industry. We assist all players that are somehow involved technically, commercially or financially into drug discovery, development and manufacturing, such as Biotech & Pharma companies, Contract Services Organizations, Equipment, Raw Materials or Life Science Tools Suppliers, Private Equity firms, Investment Banks or Public Institutions.

Covering Technical, Operational, Commercial and Strategic activities, Larka has developed a unique combination of expertise – including TechOps, CMC & Outsourcing, Operational & Commercial excellence, Marketing & Sales, Corporate Strategy and M&A - giving Larka’s clients a full appreciation of their capabilities and a 360° view, full-potential vision, on the industry’s opportunities, synergies and risks.