Larka Performs 4 Sourcing Processes for Global BioPharma Clients.

Larka’s Lensource® solution supported 4 undisclosed Biotech & Pharma companies with the selection of their Contract Research Organization (CRO), Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) and Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) partners in September 2023.



We are delighted to announce that Larka has successfully performed 4 sourcing processes in September 2023, supporting our clients’ programs all along the value chain—i.e. preclinical, early and late clinical, and commercial supply. 

Developed by Larka, Lensource® is a proprietary sourcing process which includes 360° suppliers scanning and RFI | RFQ comparison matrixes. 

Leveraging Lensource®, Larka enabled the identification and selection of CRO, CDMO and CMO partners for 4 major Biotech & Pharma clients, including: 






The ever-growing success of Lensource® is something we take pride in. Such accomplishments underscore our relentless commitment to building best-in-class sourcing solutions and reinforce Larka’s position as a preferred partner within Pharma.

Maxime Clarhaut | Senior Associate at Larka


Why they chose Larka 


Since 1993, over 500 Biotech and Pharma companies have trusted our broad biopharma sourcing capabilities and strong track record, which include: 


How we supported our clients


Larka provided its clients with the full Lensource® solution, supporting the identification and selection of their future partners. 

Lensource® is a 3-phase proprietary methodology combining the unique expertise of our specialists with advanced AI technologies—designed to provide our clients with actionable insights at a faster pace and deeper level.

Phase I - Market Scanning

360° screening & identification based on client's primary search criteria, offering a complete view of all the potential partners available.

Phase II - Capabilities Assessment | RFI 

Thorough technical capabilities assessment and CDA process management—leading to the generation of our Lensource® matrix, developed for optimal technical data collection, standardization and comparability.

Phase III - Quotations Assessment | RFQ

Proposals and Quotations gathering and analysis—leading to the generation of our Lensource® matrix, developed for optimal pricing collection, standardization and comparability.


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