Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

For the past few years, Biotech and Pharma industry has been facing major challenges. The number of modalities and personalized therapies is increasing, while Governments are cutting healthcare spending to reduce cost. At the same time, clinical and commercial supply chains are getting more complex and health authorities are upgrading quality standards. On top of it, competition is getting more and more aggressive and growth rates in developed markets are put under pressure.

Those challenges affect all the players on the supply chain: Biopharma companies' manufacturing sites and Contract Services Providers - CRO, CDMO, CMO.

Still, companies are focusing even more attention and resources on pursuing limited growth opportunities. Growth strategy may distract some companies from fully leveraging another critical lever for creating value: operational excellence.

The Biotech and Pharma industry, in comparison with other industries, has been late - 20 years late - in truly considering Operational Excellence. Mainly because it was not suffering from the same cost pressures as other industries. But time has changed, and Operational Excellence is likely one of the most value creating levers in the Biotech and Pharma industry today.

Facing those challenges and adapting to this change, while improving quality standards, requires efficient, flexible and compliant manufacturing and analytical processes. It also involves commitment from all levels and strong leadership.

Companies who undertake operational excellence are richly rewarded. It provides an instant competitive advantage when implemented, while avoiding major financial investments. It directly links to a company's profitability.

Larka has faced and overcome those challenges for over 25 years, leaving behind a legacy of best practices and holistic approaches to Operational Excellence. Our methods and concepts are designed to simplify, streamline and harmonize processes, optimize Operational Equipment Efficiency - OEE -, improve products and services quality, rationalize supply chain, and, finally, measure performance with a comprehensive set of KPIs.

At the same time, we make sure our clients identify and implement a strong leadership within the organization, along with an optimal cross-divisional communication system. It is crucial to ensure continuous improvement.

Our industry-leading mastery of lean techniques helps our clients understand the interdependencies of the entire organization's systems, networks, operations, costs and strategy, and what value it creates for their company.