Research Marketing & Data Science

Research Marketing & Data Science

As data sources have multiplied, marketing & sales have become more of a science. The development of powerful Marketing and Sales strategies relies on the ability of a company to build a solid data foundation, analyze massive amounts of data, and move to an effective way of transforming data into business insights and strategic initiatives.

Today's organizations require very different capabilities than those needed in the past. Business Intelligence, big data, advanced analytics and systematic monitoring have become the cornerstones of marketing and sales effectiveness. Real insights on the organization and its environment, including customer demand and competition offerings, are essential to make aware strategic decisions that drive sustainable growth.

Our Research Marketing encompasses all of it and consists in making in-depth diagnostics of both, the organization and its whole environment, in order to find out about a company's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and build competitive advantage.

A company should know all about its competitors in order to develop a differentiating positioning that creates value for customers. Customers themselves should be analyzed : their needs, their purchasing journey, their expectations should be fully understood to be correctly addressed by the marketing and sales department. The market trends and dynamics should be evaluated as well to reveal growth opportunities and enable responsiveness of a company towards change.

This work is essential for a company to seize value creating opportunities and defend against potential threats.

But the environment is not all. Companies should also take a deep dive into their own organization. They should assess their internal performances, collect feedbacks from clients, question their pricing positioning, evaluate their brand awareness and investigate their desired against actual market positioning.

This internal inquiry should provide the company with insights on its strengths and weaknesses. Crossing these with the opportunities and threats inherent to its environment, it should guide all of a company's growth effort to create lasting value for the organization.

Research Marketing and Business Intelligence are key to create great brands, publish appealing digital content, set the right price, provide impeccable customer experience and bring excellence to the sales organization !

However, collecting this huge amount of data and analyzing it is far from being an easy task. Capturing meaningful insights from big data is a full-time job which requires powerful analytics, skilled data scientists and a well-established knowledge of the market, its dynamics and its players.

Larka's Research Marketing helps clients gather and harness incredible amount of data and transform it into value creating insights that drive companies' strategies and build competitive advantages.

Larka has built a proprietary Business Intelligence platform that monitors the biopharma market since 1993, with a dedicated team of data scientists analyzing fresh news on the industry players, technologies and advances on a daily basis.

On top of that we have been performing sourcing projects for biotech and big pharma companies for 25 years, as well as hundreds of yearly surveys and interviews with biotech and pharmatop executives, so customer environments and competitive landscapes have no secrets for us.

For decades, Larka has been supporting biopharma companies, contract services providers and suppliers to create effective marketing & sales strategy, including which customers need to fill in, which products or services to offer, what pricing strategy to develop, and how to structure marketing & sales organization that supports those efforts.

You can trust our unrivaled experience of the biopharma industryas well as our big data scientists and powerful analytical tools to provide you with a 360-degree view of your business and reveal growth opportunities you had not even foreseen !

Whether you need help for your entire marketing and sales development or for one specific item, Larka is your partner to leverage your full potential and reach new heights.